Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dry Bristles from a Shaving Brush Right Side Up or Upside Down?

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Ok so what is the correct way to dry a shaving brush? Bristles up or bristles down? Does it really matter?There is no scientific research  to prove either theory. What almost everyone agrees with is that you should rinse, shake out the excess water, and store in an open dry area. If you follow these steps you should not have any problems with your brush.

Some men question what if water is  resting on the knot or gets between the knot and the wooden handle. If this is true then why do you never see any water on the tip of the bristles or a puddle of water under the brush?  Some may argue that the water wicks upward and evaporates anyway.

These should both dry if you rinse thoroughly. The main things that lead to knot damage or failure are manufacturing of the knot, the quality of the knot, and abuse of the brush handle and bristles. There is also a lot of epoxy or glue between the knot and the handle which should act as a barrier so that water does not enter between the knot and the handle. If you rinse and comb the knot with your fingers for brushes that tend to tangle and wipe around the collar of the brush where soap residue hangs out then your brush will have a long life.

It's your brush dry it how you want to. Census is it doesn't matter as long as you care for it rinse it and let it dry in an open area.