Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Best Way to Cut a Glass Beer Bottle

They say there are more ways to skin a cat... well, there is more than one way to cut and break a bottle also. I have been trying to cut beer bottle for some time now. I have seen all the "tricks" on Pinterest and YouTube and all the other websites and blogs. I will tell you that none of them are going to work all the time, especially with beer bottles. I have had a lot of trouble with certain kinds of beer bottles also. Mostly Stone Brewing beer bottles are the hardest they have very brittle glass that cracks uneven and seems to split vertically when you want it to split diagonally. I'm sure the more professional sellers have tricks of there own, or they use an expensive glass cutting saw. The string soaked in acetone or lighter fluid that is tied around the bottle and set on fire and then put into cold water never worked for me. I tried the hot and cold water method also.  This is where you run boiling or very hot water over the score line of the bottle you are trying to cut and then rinse it with ice or cold water. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it would give me horrible results. I had the most luck with the candle and ice method, but again for those tricky bottles that crack in weird places I still had some problems with it not cracking or cracking the wrong way. If you want to try the above methods watch the video. I think the best method is in the second video below though.

The best luck I have had has been with a soldering iron. It does take some practice and again its not perfect but I have had way better results than the above mentioned methods of cutting beer bottles. Watch the video below to see how to do it. I'm trying to do this for my Etsy business of Shaving Beer Bottle Mugs, sold with shaving soap.